Jai Gurudev everyone. Today during morning abishekam to Radha Krishna, after drying the utsavas murtis with this towel these footprints appeared. Guriji said these are Maa’s feet ❤️❤️ Guruji also said to share with everyone, so feel free to share ?? Jai Maa. Happy Siddhidatri day ❤️ Jai Gurudev

Jai Gurudev Everyone ? there’s a quick update to the footprints that appeared this morning on Radha Krishna altar during Abishekam. This Afternoon guruji asked to see in person the towel where the feet appeared, so we took it to Him right after lunch. When Guruji saw the footprints He said immediately that those are Krishna’s feet ?
Guruji also told me to share with everyone the story, or experience behind Krishna’s appearance during this morning prayers, so here it goes a resume:

Before Katyayani day of Navaratri I happened to be reading a chapter about the rasa lella and about the penance and the prayers the gopis did to Katyayani Maa so She could bring Krishna to them. I was really inspired by gopis, as this is also my deep romantic desire, but what could I possible do as a penance to obtain such blessing …. Next day, on Katyayani day, Swami Kesava’s satsang in morning prayers about the gopis and about their prayers to man really was really inspiring for me and made me decide right away to fast on that day … I never fasted before and I had no intentions of ever fast in my life … so I did it for Her, i did not for Krishna. At Night, I went to the tent to receive Darshan of Katyayani and I offered my fasting to Her as asked Her to fulfil my desire, to reveal Krishna to me, that was all I wanted.

The night finished and actually, during the next day I often though to my self that maybe my prayer was not truthful and maybe my fast was not good or not done in a proper way. This morning when Krishna’s feet appeared in front of our eyes I immediately associated to my prayer to Maa, but of course without Guruji’s confirmation I would not go to further conclusions… When Guruji said the feet where from Krishna I told about my prayer to Mala and He told me that yes, Maa Katyayani answered my prayer and revealed Krishna ❤️ It is beautiful what our love for Them can do, the barriers it can brake. Maa is ever so merciful and does answer to all our prayers ? I hope this experience inspire everyone as my Love for Krishna inspire me to pray for Him.

The towel with Krishna’s feet is now on the altar of Radha Krishna so everyone can receive Darshan of our Beloved Krishna’s feet ❤️❤️

Jai Gurudev ?