Paramahamsa Vishwananda ontving op een van zijn pelgrimsreizen Giridhari, de murti die Meerabai in haar leven op haar hart meedroeg. Swamini Mohini uit India, vertelt in deze video hierover.

Meerabai, en 16e-eeuwse Hindu-heilige, hield met heel haar hart van Krishna. Er was zelfs geen enkele cel van haar die niet verliefd was op Krishna

Paramahamsa Vishwananda, Just Love deel 2

Bhagavan manifesteert Zich in de vorm van Zijn avatars, in de vorm van een murti, in de vorm van de bhakta en in de vorm van de geschriften. En zij die echt de ogen hebben om Hem te zien, zullen zien.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda, Ghiridari, uit de serie ‘Guruvakya meditatie verzameling’

Jai Gurudev!

De video waarin Swamini Mohini beschrijft hoe Guruji in 2014 de tempel in Nurpur bezocht en daar Giridhari ontving. Ze beschrijft ook haar bezoek met Guruji in 2018, waarin Guruji een shaligram die ook aan Meerabai heeft toebehoord, kreeg.

De tempel in Nurpur waar in de video door Swamini over gesproken wordt met de murti waarin Meerabai opging. Deze foto is van het eerste bezoek van Guruji aan deze tempel in 2014

Het Facebookbericht uit 2018 over het tweede bezoek aan Nurpur, waarin de video van Swamini Mohini ook over gesproken wordt:

Day 3/10 | Following the Master| Visit to Nurpur

‘The highlight of Day 3 was a visit to a Krishna temple in Nurpur. We were all very excited to go there because it is a very special temple for Guruji, as He received His personal deity in this temple a few years back.

After a couple of hours on the bus, we went off the highway and drove up the hill to an old ruined citadel. We quickly got off the bus and headed towards the small temple. The family which is taking care of the temple was there and they welcomed us and lead us upstairs.

Upstairs, the main deity is located. He is 4-foot tall black wooden Krishna with a charming gaze, very similar to the Banke Bihari Krishna from Vrindavan. It is this deity that Mirabai merged into in 1557 in Dwaraka. He was brought from Dwaraka to Nurpur later on.

He wasn’t always treated nicely as now. During the Muslim raids, the city of Nurpur was destroyed, and the deity had been taken out of the temple, His eyes plucked, and He was thrown into the river not to be found again. Years later, in a dream, the presiding king saw where Krishna is and He was dug out and reinstalled, with new eyes put in place. Nowadays, His eyes are still red from blood that He cried out back in 1947, when India was divided.

Guruji asked us to prepare for abhishekam and soon after, the ceremony had started. The energy shifted completely and what used to be a peaceful afternoon turned into a thunder storm. Dark clouds gathered over the temple and the wind was slamming the window lids. Guruji said that Lord Narasimhadev is present and that this was an exact re-enactment of the moment when He appeared to save Prahlad Maharaj – it was neither daytime nor nighttime! Interestingly enough, hardly any rain drops fell where our buses were parked – just a couple of hundred meters away from the temple.

We continued with the ceremony that followed with bhajans and chants. By the time we started with aarati, the weather turned back to where it was, sunshine bathing the beautiful surrounding in golden glow. We had prasad and continued singing, while Guruji spent some time with the family taking care of Krishna and the temple.

We went on to our next stop – the Nagini Mata Temple in Kohri. Here Divine Mother is worshipped in the form of a naga, a serpent. Snake bite victims are being brought here for healing without any antidote. Many healings happen here, not only from snake poison. Every night at the temple closing, snakes from around the temple gather to spend the night at the temple premises.

After having Nagini Ma’s Darshan and prasad, we continued to our hotel in Kangra for dinner and rest.’

Jai Gurudev ?

(Written by one of the participants of the pilgrimage)

De abishekam in de tempel in Nurpur. Guruji zit naast de murti waar Meerabai in opging. Hij doet abishekam, de abishekam waar Swamini Mohini in de video over spreekt.