Toespraak van Paramahamsa Vishwananda over het ontwaken van je ware zelf, hoe om te gaan met problemen in je leven. Hoe de bhajan ‘Radhe Shyam’ je uitnodigt dichterbij je ware innerlijke aspect te komen.



During Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s Darshan in Lanzarote on 8 July, 2019, while He was singing the bhajan ‘Jaya Madhava Madhana Murari’, Guruji paused to explain how to invite your true nature to awaken and how singing ‘Radhe Shyam’ will bring you closer to your true aspect inside of you.

Jai Gurudev,

You see, when you are singing ‘Radhe Shyam’, you are inviting your true nature to awaken. This is the only time that you can truly feel yourself.

Very often we don’t want to be ourselves. You find it difficult to accept how you are, which in reality you should. It doesn’t matter how people think of you or what people think of you. That is their business. But you should not make their business, your business. You see? When you make their business your business, then you will sit and cry. And this is what we always do in life.  We become a slave of society, we always look at what society wants. We try to be like what others want us to be, but we can’t be how we want to be. Fear of being judged, no? Fear of how our neighbour is looking at us, fear of how our friends are looking at us. So, when will you be how you really are? When will you really express what you have inside of you when you are constantly judging yourself? It’s not others who are judging you, but you are thinking for others. You think about what others are thinking about you. So, when you think about what others are thinking about you, what possibility does it leave for you to be who you are? You are so worried about it. This is the world we are living in; when things happen in your life, you find it very difficult to accept it. So, if you carry on pretending, when will you be yourself? When death is knocking at your door saying, ‘Here I am, now it’s time to go’, then you will say, ‘Yes, now I want to live.’ Then it’s too late! You have to be who you are now.

When we are singing ‘Radhe Shyam’, there is something deep inside of us we don’t know about. You have never seen that, but yet, you know it is there. There is something great inside of you which is longing for something which is also great. That thing inside of you can’t long for something which is petty, you know, little things. Because of the greatness of that thing which is inside of you, it longs for something which is great also. But those petty things which you think that you are, that limited self that you think you are, is the self others have put on you. Layers and layers, blanket over blanket, and you are suffocating, you are being cooked underneath. And that’s when you say, ‘Yes, this I am.’

You have forgotten your true nature. When life tries to remind you of your true nature, then you ask yourself, ‘Why am I having so many problems in my life? Why is life beating me up, left and right?’ Actually, life is modelling you. It’s making you who your true nature is, the natural aspect of who you are. That’s what life is trying to remind you of: that you have something deeper inside of you. But no, you don’t want to look at that aspect of life. You want to look only at things you think you are.

And that creates battles. So, when nature throws at you all kinds of things as a reminder, how do you see it? ‘Oh, it’s terrible! It’s very bad.’ But in reality, no. Nature follows its course, its natural state. Your natural state is a loving state. Your true nature, in itself, is that you are Love. Like God is Love, He has placed that parcel of Love within you and you are that little parcel of this reflection of Love inside of you. That’s your nature. But when you go against that, it becomes difficult.

So, ‘allow’ for once; be truthful to yourself. It doesn’t matter in what situation you are in, you will see that the moment you accept the situation, everything will be perfect.

The Story of the Pot

I was telling the story of the pot. You know, we have beautiful pots here.

There was once a couple visiting a store which makes beautiful ceramics. So, this couple was holding a pot in their hand, a beautiful vase decorated very nicely. And the lady was saying to the husband, ‘Look at how beautiful is this piece of art’. They took it down and started looking at it.

And the pot said, ‘Yes, I am beautiful. This is the blessing of the potter. It is only through His trust in me that I am like this. Because he has seen something more beautiful in me.’ Then he started telling his story. He said, ‘Before this, I was just a piece of clay. I was just by the riverbank, just normal dirt like all the other dirt. He took me, brought me to his place, and then he started beating me up. He started punching me. And I tell you it was very hard for me. It hurt so much. And he kept on punching me! Then after he finished, he put me on a wheel and started to turn me around. As he turned me around and around, I started feeling dizzy. But it was nice, he was touching me, caressing me and caring for me, so I didn’t feel alone.

After he finished, he placed me on a shelf to dry. I thought it was all done and I was happy being dry. Then, when I was dry, he took me and put me into an oven! I tell you, it was extremely hot and I was screaming from inside, but he could not hear me. But what was so beautiful was that, from time to time, he would look inside at me and that would give me great comfort. After that, he took me out of the oven, put me again on the shelf, and again I was happy thinking, ‘Yes, it’s finished.’ No, it was not finished.

He took me again and he started painting me. He put some very strong colour on me, something which I could not hold onto, so again I was put back into the furnace. Again, I was being cooked, but he was always looking at me. So, this time when I came out and he looked at me, he had such a beautiful smile on his face, showing that he was satisfied! When he looked at me, he saw that I was confused, so he took a mirror and placed it in front of me and he said, ‘Look!’ When I saw myself in that mirror, I could not believe how beautiful I was. So, this is my story,’ said the pot.

And, actually, this is the story of each one, you know. Very often, we can’t accept life; we fight it, we try to go around it, instead of accepting it and going through it and moving forward. Whatever Nature brings to you, it brings to make you stronger. And you will become stronger the moment you learn to accept it, embrace it and go through it.

‘Radhe Shyam’, brengt je dichterbij het ware aspect, dat zich vanbinnen in je bevindt.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

And this is ‘Radhe Shyam’, which will bring you closer to your true aspect inside of you, which God sees. The Master sees something deep inside of you which you yourself don’t see. And when the Master tries to bring it out, allow it to come out. When Nature tries to bring out something deep inside of you, let it, and learn to accept it. The moment you accept, the happier you will become.