Afgelopen zaterdagavond is in Shree Peetha Nilaya met Paramahamsa Vishwananda Kartik gevierd met een ongelooflijk mooie murti van Narayana Krishna.

Vaak zeggen mensen: “Ik doe dit” of “Ik doe dat”, maar ze hebben het zelf niet door. Ze weten niet wie ze zijn, maar die ‘ik’ is er altijd. Wat is deze ‘ik’ waar we over spreken, die grote ‘ik’? Daarom is de mantra in dit vers zeer interessant. Het zegt dat alles Narayana Vasudeva is, alles is Narayana Krishna en Hij is het hoogste doel. Er is geen ander doel dat je ziel nastreeft. Hij is de Verwerkelijking Zelf. Er bestaat niets hoger. Hij is Prem. Dus, ik zal hier nog een ander vers aan toevoegen: vāsudeva prema. Er is niemand hoger dan Hij. Hij is Prem, de Ultieme Liefde.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

Srimad Bhagavatam, dag 1

We plaatsen in dit blog een persoonlijke en erg bijzondere ervaring van een devotee. Hij ontving deze nacht van Gurudev een ongelooflijk mooie murti.

Jai Gurudev,
Hi everyone, would like to share my story and experience during Karthik at the ashram, on sat 2nd /sun 3rd Nov

I had driven with two devotees to Springen in Germany, ashram of my Guru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, Guruji, to celebrate Karthik night, singing and dancing for Lord Krishna.

While driving, I realised I had forgotten my little Krishna deity, that I always bring with me, and keep close with me when going to the ashram or when singing kirtan, or chanting mantra, as it’s nice to have something material outside, that you can focus on the lord with, and bring him inside your heart to connect with the Lord. First time I had ever forgotten him, so I shrugged my shoulders and resided, it wasn’t meant to be… for this trip.

As Karthik started with the music and dancing around the lighted lamp, I had been feeling pain in right knee, for a few days from work, it was painful enough to walk, let alone dance… so I decided to watch and enjoy everyone dancing for the lord instead.

It lasted from 6pm to 6am, and around 4am I was very grateful to be given the chance to sing for the Lord. It was so nice, to hear Guruji singing along at the top of his voice and being supportive, and full of love as we sung together. After we finished singing, he called me over to him, i knelt by the side of him, strangely my knee pain, wasnt as painful anymore, so we talked a little bit, he asked me what I was doing in London, I replied damaging my body at work!

Then he asked what do you want? I replied I dont know what I want.. then I looked at him, and said just to be happy 🙂
He said happy! Anyone can be happy… but, what do you want?
So I replied i’m still not sure if I want anything, only just that i love to sing for the Lord, to sing the divine name and feel it in my heart.
He said, if I give you him, you have to only sing for him, not singing for people, but only for the Lord. So I said yes ok, I will.
Then he said if I give him to you, you have to look after him, I said, ok yes I will.
Then he smiled and placed my hand on the centre of his chest, his heart was pounding really fast, like he’d just finished a 100 metre sprint. The warm beat of his heart felt like it was jumping into my palm as it drummed fast.
Then he got me to place my hand over his hand on the left side of his chest, and I started to feel him pulling with his hand from his heart again and again. Then his hand dropped with mine, as he pulled out a beautiful and amazing deity of Narayana Krishna, he put him into my palms, and it was so alive, warm and buzzing with energy intensley like a new born baby!
That I had seen and felt him manifest this deity that had come out from his heart! I was amazed and in a state of shock to say the least, it was beyond trying to understand with my mind.

I just thanked him, and was just so deeply grateful for such a beautiful and sincere gift of love from his heart.
Guruji then said after Karthik had finished, that everyone should take darshan from this deity.
I placed him on a silver tray, surrounded by tulsi, and everyone came and took darshan with Narayana Krishna, as it was such a beautiful blessing, and amazing manifestation that had been witnessed on Karthik night!

And then also I could see and understand why I had forgotten my little Krishna, on this trip!

I went after, to morning prayers, into the temple, as karthik night had been in the large tent next door.
I was feeling tired after being awake all through the night, and was finding it hard to keep my eyes open, so I left..
As I walked out the doors, there was Guruji sitting in front of me on a bench, he looked at me… and I said to him I’m just going to the toilet :)) he replied, let me take the deity while you go to toilet..
So I gave it to him, wrapped in a shawl, with lots of loose tulsi inside it, that was left from the tray during the darshan.
When I returned from the toilet, Guruji had threaded the tulsi around the deity, clothing him, and he looked so beautiful, so would like to share these photos, that were taken by devotees, and a Swami to share them with all of you to have and take darshan with Narayana Krishna manifested from Guruji’s heart

Feeling blessed and thankful with so much gratitude ???

Jai Gurudev
Nilambara Das