Paramahamsa Vishwananda: “Mahavatar Babaji is mijn Guru. Dit betekent dat Hij in mij is en ik in Hem.”

Mahavatar Babaji Zijn missie is om in een fysiek lichaam te blijven, zodat Hij de spirituele evolutie van onze planeet op lange termijn kan beschermen. Hij blijft tot elke ziel verlichting heeft bereikt.

Swami Aniruddhaananda: ‘Lang ben ik naar verlichte yogi’s in de Himalaya op zoek geweest. Ik verlangde ernaar om de discipelen van Mahavatar Babaji te ontmoeten. Toen ik Paramahamsa Vishwananda ontmoette en met Hem pelgrimsreis was, wilde ik graag met Hem de discipelen van Mahavatar Babaji bezoeken. Hij kent ze, maar ik mocht niet mee. Ik wilde hen zo graag ontmoeten, totdat ik me realiseerde dat ik leef met één van de grootste discipelen van Mahavatar Babaji, namelijk Paramahamsa Vishwananda.’ Hari Bol!

Foto’s van deze bijzondere dag.

Boodschap van Swamini Vishwalakshmiananda via Facebook

Happy Babaji Day TODAY
30 November 2018
Babaji’s Gift to this World’s Resonating Hearts and Minds today, His Day and, as Mahavatar says: ‘Your Day.’

There has been a photo of a painting that Gitanjali painted on my altar where Maha Lakshmi is the Temple deity for a long time now. Mahavatar Babaji, a few months ago, placed Amrita, the Elixir of Immortality, along with His Guru Footprint (His five Guru Toes), under the glass and onto this picture under glass. The white Vibhuti appears in the photo taken of this manifested Amrita picture last evening that we are placing on Facebook today. But it is Not visible on the actual picture where Babaji manifested the Amrit and His Guru Toes in the Amrit. The white Vibhuti spots are in the actual picture, in the color of His painted skin color. The white Vibhuti in the photo of the actual picture is in the Amrit spots left where it did not adhere. When I questioned Babaji about it, He said: “It’s the LIGHT of the Vibhuti that I allowed the camera to capture, but the physical eyes do not see it.” (My simple iPhone camera). Note: This picture is the one we placed on Mahavatar’s book: Journey To Freedom: The Bhakti Sutras of Mahavatar Babaji.

Mahavatar says that this picture was given as His Blessing to help alleviate fear and calm the minds of World People in today’s Time and Space, who trust this manifestation to be truth. Mahavatar tells us that as He is Immortal, so can we all be! People, everywhere, fear the inevitability of continual death and rebirth (reincarnation), or death without reincarnation, as the end of one’s consciousness. This Amrita and Vibhuti gift was manifested in the natural way of the Gods, but is called miraculous in our world of today.

Herein, Babaji and I are telling you the story, as one mind and one heart, of how it happened that we have Babaji’s gift of this picture with Amrit and Vibhuti manifested in today’s time. It is today, Babaji’s Day, that He requested that I send it out on Social Media to the World-at-Large. Those of you who read Babaji’s transmitted posts here on this Facebook page, know that Mahavatar says: “I transmit messages to Swamini for this Social Media so that we may use the In-ter-net to reach resonating people’s Inner-net, the Divine within all.

When this manifestation happened, I was out of town (Swamini). I was guided to discover it by Mahavatar and Lord Shiva (a surprise) after I returned from a trip to visit my family in South Carolina in the United States of America.

I had prayed to Babaji for at least two years requesting that He give us a picture showing Him as I, (Swamini Vishwalakshmi) see Him. I see him as a young 25-year-old beautiful, radiant, perfect, flawless-featured young man. Honestly, being the romantic that I am with Babaji, I thought I might wake up one morning and a photo like I see Him would be on my pillow to share with you, His devotees. And I thought maybe He would appear to me as he actually does, and just hand me the photo with his Immortal radiance apparent.

It did not happen like either of those scenarios I imagined! He actually placed immortality in a tangible way we all can see on a picture which is ‘similar-looking’ to how I see Him. But this gives me what I asked for in a different way, as it is His immortality I wished Him to share with His devotees (and those of my Satguru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda), and myself, of course. Mahavatar Babaji informs us that as He has attained Immortality, and even so, we may attain this state of consciousness. He has promised to stay in this world until all souls have attained the Lord and Immortality. And then there will be no need for Time as we know it.

Happy Babaji Day 2018 – Isn’t it like the Gods, in their benevolence and magnanimity, to Gift the devotee even as the devotee is venerating the Gods on their Day!

When this manifestation happened, I was out of town. I was guided to see it by Lord Shiva and Mahavatar, in separate interactions, after I returned from a trip to South Carolina in the United States of America to visit my son and family.

On my way home on the plane, on takeoff as is my usual routine, I closed my eyes and repeated the Maha Mantra: OM NAMO NARAYANYA. I usually do this until we have reached cruising altitude. As I began chanting the mantra, to my surprise, I clearly could see Lord Shiva in my ajna, third eye, regally striding majestically down the aisle in my direction. Since I did not hear anyone screaming in shock, I knew I was the only one seeing Him and I kept my eyes closed. When he reached my seat (the aisle was on my right side), Shiva casually knelt down and whispered in my ear, “I am giving you a boon and you will get it when you reach home.’ Still not opening my eyes, I saw and felt Shiva’s long, lovely, shinning curls (no Vibhuti in them this time) as His hair softly brushed my cheek, and then He stood up and just disappeared. I instantly forgot all about this ajna moving, colorful picture show third-eye vision as Shiva placed His Yogamaya completely over me. Still more amazing, something wonderful happened when I opened the door to my home, and I still did not remember this vision of Shiva (I remembered it the next morning on awakening.

When I arrived home from the plane at my front door and then unlocked and opened the door and stepped inside, my senses were over-whelmed with the sweetest, wonderful scent of Vibhuti (not of the cremation variety, but representative of Shiva and His Cremation grounds meditations). Still not remembering Shiva’s visit on the plane and his promise of a boon when I got home, I thought: ‘I wonder if my Satguru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, or my Paramguru, Mahavatar Babaji, has been here. At that time, having no clue as to how it got there, I enjoyed the sacred fragrance for some time, and then it slowly faded away. I retrieved my luggage from outside the door, went inside, and prepared for bed.

Waking at 3:00 AM the next morning, as usual, I awoke chanting the Maha Mantra that I chant until sleeping and sometimes am still chanting when I awake. It was one of those mornings when I awake with no space in between sleeping and awakening. Then into my consciousness suddenly burst into the remembrance of Lord Shiva appearing in my anja on the airplane. And then the awareness came that the Vibhuti fragrance which was present the moment I stepped into my home was His sweet and lovely promised boon!

As I went about my morning routine until around 10:00 AM, Mahavatar at three different times spoke to me in the usual way of His transmissions. He softly said: ‘Go and clean the Temple.’ Well, when Babaji speaks, I just go to the computer and record what he wants to say. But this time, I replied three times: ‘Babaji, I clean the Temple and dress Maha Lakshmi on Fridays and today is Thursday.’ But as I was leaving to go to Whole Foods where I buy Vegan groceries, I felt a bit guilty and just gathered up my cleaning supplies and went upstairs to the Temple. The first thing I do is take things from the altar (not the Deity which is a five-foot white marble Maha Lakshmi per Gurudev’s choosing). As it so happened, the first thing I picked up was this picture we are sharing with you today! I noticed the Amrit and Babaji’s Guru Toeprints (5) at the base of the picture. I soon realized this was the picture I has been praying for Babaji to give for a long time, albeit that it arrived in a different manner and look than I had visualized.

Later as I was driving to the grocery store, I felt Shiva’s boon was somehow connected with the manifestation of Amrit on the picture of Babaji. It took some time to realize the connection. The Amrit on the picture is the Elixir of immortality. Shiva sits in the cremation grounds meditating and there are bodies burning of souls who have passed on to immortality consciousness or who will return again to mortal life on Earth. Mahavatar Babaji’s Amrit gives us a tangible, visual picture of His Immortality. Mahavatar and Shiva showed us the full cycle of birth and death and rebirth through this sequence of events which manifested the picture of Babaji I had prayed for Him to show His Immortality, with the surprise of the Amrita and just last evening the Vibhuti which the camera recorded but physical eyes cannot see. And Shiva’s boon of His Vibhuti of the cremation grounds, which He smears all over His body as He meditates, represents the cycle of death and rebirth.

What a lovely and magnificent play Babaji and Shiva gave, and I have no doubt, my Beloved Satguru Paramahamsa Vishwananda somehow played a part in this beautiful and most enjoyed drama of the Gods and me. Oh, wait, the Guru tells us, and I have experienced: There is no me !

Mahavatar Babaji